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Load capacity: 2×2000kg
Hoist car quantity: dual
Lifting speed: 0~96m/min
Frequency conversion: yes
 Frequency Construction hoist adopted computer aided design. Comparing with traditional building hoists, it is attractive, light, easy to handle, secure, applicable, and popular. Depending on special needs of regular or irregular sections, the lifting capacity can reach up to 1~2 tons, and the running speed can reach 28~38m/min.
Moreover, Variable Frequency Construction hoist’s speed is adjustable, and also have automatic layer selecting and leveling as required. Variable Frequency Construction hoist is excellent in technical performance, more secure in operating mechanism, and more compact in structure.

Why We Design The Variable Frequency Drive For Construction Hoists?

Common construction hoists utilize the contactor-relay style of control method, and thus they support direct starting and mechanical braking. This control method boasts lots of weaknesses such as high starting impact, reduced hoist lifespan, etc. In order to solve this problem, we have especially designed the variable frequency drive for construction hoist control, thus helping customers enhance the safety and performance of hoist systems.

Those construction hoists with a frequency inverter for motor control have unparalleled advantages, such as zero speed braking, no wear for breaker, accurate setting of any low speed, high floor level accuracy, smooth speed transition, no impact for structure and structure parts, etc. These advantages contribute to improved safety. Flexible speed adjustment range improves the efficiency of construction hoists. The variable frequency drive adjusts the motor speed in an energy saving mode, which helps reduce the energy consumption of entire system.

As an expert in variable frequency drive industry, we at VEICHI can provide a complete range of variable frequency control solutions for construction hoists, including controller, braking resistor, operation box, GPS system, and more. Presently, we have worked with more than 30 construction hoist sales agents to improve their hoist performance and competition by providing them VFD solutions. They have successfully earned the trust of more customers.

Produc Feature:

Safety brake on transmission system of each hoist car
Electronic and mechanical door interlocks on hoist cars and base enclosure doors. 
Safety hooks assure hoist car is securely attached to mast.
Stop and final limit switches that limit hoist car when reaching the end positions.
Phase failure replay system prevents hoist operation unless correct phase sequence is connected.
Heavy-duty overspeed governor which activates safeties that clamp directly onto mast legs
Overload detector to prevent hoist from loading passenger or material more than allowed.
Fault diagnostics system with display panel
Emergency cut-off system.
Spring buffers.

NO counterweights required.

No shaft is needed.
No machinery room is needed.
No ropes or sheaves are required.
Suitable for external and internal application.
Greater resistance to windy and hostile environment.
Higher factor of safety.
Low operation cost and minimum maintenance.
Easy erection from the Cage roof.

Key benefits of GAOLI products:
Durable and reliable due to first class materials and components
Multiple safety features
Modern and advanced technologies, continuous development and high efficiency
Custom designs and platform modifications according to customer requirements
Why GAOLI Elevators and Hoists?
GAOLI construction hoists are world renowned and perform reliably in many countries and in extreme weather conditions worldwide.
Continuous research and development, excellently equipped production facilities, first class components and materials, and an individual approach to customer needs are factors that contribute to the outstanding performance of our product.
• Hi-speed capability provides increased productivity delivering personnel and material more quickly.
• Equipped with highly efficient variable frequency drives for smooth, economical and dependable operation.
• Maganese steel adopted to ensure high strength steel structure.
• Modular design facilitates ease of transport, erection and dismantlement.
• Collective control system.
• For other configurations, contact GAOLI engineering for information.
   Model SC200/200GS
   Playload capacity kg 2000/2000
   Erection load capacity kg 1000/1000
   Lifting device capacity kg 300
   Maximum lifting height m 450
   Speed (50Hz/380V) m/min 0~96
   Safety device
   Hoist car dimension (L×W×H) m 3.2×1.5×2.5
   Mast section type (L×W×H) mm 650×650×1508
   Motor power (bevel wheel) kw 2×3×18.5
   Inverter Power kw 2×90
   Enclosure weight kg 1480
   Cage weight kg 2×1500
   Driving machine weight (bevel wheel) kg 800
   Mast section weight kg 150 (δ=4.5) 
170 (δ=6.3)
190 (δ=8.0)

• Mast sections can be added without special equipment.
• For instructions regarding the installation of the model SC200/200GS dual car hoist, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.
• Specifications and equipment shown are subject to change without prior notification.
• This product must be used in a safe manner. Furthermore, the use of this product and its components must be in conformity with manufacturer’s specifications and in compliance with all applicable standards, codes, regulations, etc.

Please refer to manufacturer’s manual when installing, operating, servicing, repairing, jumping or dismantling hoist. For alternate configurations and special applications, contact GAOLI company for information.


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